What Expenses should be covered by the employer?

What Expenses should be covered by the employer?

According to Article 40 of the Saudi Labor Law, the burden of certain expenses for non-Saudi or expat workers falls on the employer, including:

  1. Covering all expenses related to recruiting an expat worker to Saudi Arabia.
  2. Paying for the issuance of the Iqama (residence permit) and work permit.
  3. Handling the costs associated with Iqama and work permit renewals, as well as any fines resulting from delays in renewing them.
  4. Covering the fees for changing an expat worker's Iqama profession.
  5. Providing funds for the Exit Re-Entry visa.
  6. Providing a return flight ticket for the worker when their contractual relationship comes to an end.

It's important to note that if a worker is unable to continue working or decides to return home without a valid reason, they are responsible for the associated expenses.

Additionally, when a worker seeks to transfer their employment to a different employer, the new employer is responsible for covering the job transfer fees.

In the unfortunate event of a worker's passing, unless the worker is buried within the Kingdom with their family's consent, the employer is responsible for the costs associated with preparing and transporting the deceased employee's body to the location where the employment contract was signed or where the worker was originally recruited. If the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) handles this, the employer is relieved of this responsibility.