How To Cancel Final Exit and Transfer To a new Job?

How To Cancel Final Exit and Transfer To a new Job?

If you work in Saudi Arabia, you certainly have many questions regarding your final exit. The Ministry of Human Resources is currently making many changes regarding the employment of foreigners in Saudi Arabia and improving the contractual relationship, which achieves the common interest of the employee and the company. However, unfortunately, some employers threaten to issue a final exit if the employee expresses his or her desire to transfer to another employer.

Previously, the solutions to protect oneself from final exit were one of the following solutions:

  • The employee owns a car registered in his name
  • Having a rented car in the employee’s name.

However, recently another solution has emerged. This solution helps you cancel the final exit even if it has been issued, and without referring to the previous employer. But some conditions must be met:

  • You must have completed one year in Saudi Arabia.
  • You must have accepted a transfer request on Qiwa platform before the final exit was issued.

If the previous conditions are met, you can submit a cancellation request for final exit as follows:

  • The new employer writes a letter addressed to the director of the labor office in the city in which you work and includes in the application all the details related to your issue, such as (your iqama number, final exit visa number and date of issuance, ...).
  • Attach a photo of your Iqama
  • Attach a copy of the request to transfer sponsorship in Qiwa
  • Attach a photo of your old contract in Qawi
  • Pay any fines you may incur, which also includes the fine for late cancellation of the final exit if it was issued more than 60 days ago.

In that case, the labor office will contact the previous employer to complete the visa cancellation.