How Can You Transfer Your Kafala?

How Can You Transfer Your Kafala?
When you find a better job offer that you like, you might be able to transfer kafale instantly.

How can I transfer my Kafala to another employer?

Kafala transfer can be done through Qiwa. It provides the ability to request employee services transfer from another employer.

The transfer request needs employee approval through Qiwa individuals within ten days or it will be canceled automatically.

How can I get the service?

Through Qiwa website.

What are the eligibility conditions for expansion establishments to use Employee Transfer service?

Establishment must be active

Commercial record must be active

Establishments under the same unified number must not have any expired work permit

Comply with safeguarding of wages

Establishment must medium green for the last 13 weeks together or 26 separated weeks in the last 52 weeks

Establishment must medium green

Transferring employee shouldn’t exceed the allowed quota of medium green for the establishment (For Expansion)

Can I transfer my kafala to another employer without the approval of my current employer or without waiting for completion of notice period?

Employee will be transferred immediately if one of the below conditions are met:

Employee Work Permit is expired

Employee Iqama is expired.

When does the notice period start?

Notice period will start after employee accept the request and if the requesting establishment meets the following conditions:

The establishment has 100% contracts compliance in QIWA

The establishment has Approved policy in QIWA

What is “Pending for employee approval” status?

Establishment owner should notify the employee to approve the transfer request through Qiwa individuals within 10 days to avoid auto cancellation.

What is “Pending for notice period completion”?

After approving the transfer request by employee, the notice period will start, based on terms and conditions. The employee should keep working with the current employer till the notice period is completed and transfer request is completed.

What is “Pending for current employer’s approval”?

After approving the transfer request by the employee, the current employer should approve the transfer request based on terms and conditions.

Does the business owner need to update the employee information in GOSI?

No, it will be automatically updated after the request is accepted by MOI.

What do I commit to when I accept the transfer request?

When you accept the request, it is considered as if you signed a new employment contract which can be found in the request details to preserve the rights of both parties.

How long will the request remain pending my approval?

The request will last for 10 days, starting from the submission date.

Can I transfer to another employer if my contract is expired and my IQAMA is valid?

Yes you can transfer directly.

Can I transfer my kafala if my employer didn’t provide me with work permit?

Yes, you can transfer directly to another employer if your current employer didn’t provide you with a work permit for more than 90 days after your date of entrance to KSA.

Can the transfer be completed if my Iqama expired during the notice period ?

The transfer will be completed right after the notice period despite the status of your Iqama.

Can the transfer request be canceled?

The request can be canceled if the status of the request is (Waiting for Employee’s Approval) and within 10 days of the sending date.

Please note that requests are automatically cancelled in the following cases:

If a transfer request is rejected by the employee.

If the employee does not accept nor reject the transfer request within 10 days.

After 14 days without completing the transfer.

Can I transfer my kafala if I don’t have an iqama yet but I have a border number?

You must have a work permit and iqama from the current employer before transferring to another employer.

Can my dependents (family members) have kafala (iqama) transfer?

Yes, through QIWA.

Can I transfer my kafala to another employer if I am a domestic worker?

Yes, through QIWA.