Correcting the Name on Your Saudi Iqama

Correcting the Name on Your Saudi Iqama

For new Saudi expatriates who have recently received their Iqama or Muqeem card (residence permit in Saudi Arabia), it is crucial to verify the accuracy of the name on their Iqama/Muqeem. Confirm that it matches both the name in your passport and the pronunciation in Arabic aligns with the English version.

Some expatriates may find discrepancies, albeit minor, between their Iqama name and that in their passport or in English. However, such differences are not acceptable; it is imperative to rectify them and ensure alignment with the passport. Any divergence in names, regardless of the extent, renders the Iqama or Muqeem invalid.

There are various implications of having an incorrect name on your Iqama:

  1. Bank Transactions: Financial institutions, including remittance centers and banks in Saudi Arabia, will not accept your Iqama if the name does not match the passport. According to the guidelines set by the Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority (SAMA), an incorrect name on your Iqama is not permissible.
  2. Police Clearance Certificate: Obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate from Saudi Arabia becomes challenging when your passport name differs from your Iqama. This certificate is especially crucial when migrating for work to European countries. The article "PCC from KSA" and "PCC from native country" provides insights into the process of obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate.

If you discover an incorrect name on your Iqama or Muqeem, here's what you can do:

  • Approach HR or Government Relation Officer: Contact your company's HR officer or government relation officer and request a correction to your Iqama name.
  • Online Correction for English Names: If the error pertains to the English version, your HR officer can make the correction online through the designated website. A new printed Iqama can be obtained the following day.
  • Correction for Arabic Names: In case the discrepancy is in the Arabic name, the HR officer may need to visit the Jawazath office, request the correction, and acquire a new printed Iqama the next day.