5 Key Points to Review Before Agreeing to a Job Offer

5 Key Points to Review Before Agreeing to a Job Offer

Landing a new job is an exciting milestone, especially if it's your first one! However, before you put pen to paper and sign your job contract, it's crucial to thoroughly understand the details. Here are five essential aspects to check before committing to a job contract:

Salary and Benefits:

  • Ensure the salary mentioned aligns with what you and your employer agreed upon.
  • Consider additional benefits like bonuses and clarify whether they are guaranteed or discretionary. A guaranteed bonus is when you receive extra cash regardless of your performance whereas a discretionary bonus is given to you at the discretion of your employer.

Leave Allocation:

  • Understand the number of annual leave days you'll receive per month.
  • Take note of sick leave and check the policies for maternity leave.
  • Be aware of any variations in pay during maternity leave.

Working Hours and Days:

  • Determine if you have flexible or standard working hours.
  • Clarify the expectations for working overtime and whether compensation is provided.

Termination of Contract:

  • Carefully review the section on contract termination reasons.
  • Understand the notice period required for resignation.
  • Avoid surprises by clearly understanding the conditions under which your contract could end.

Confidentiality Clause:

  • Familiarize yourself with the confidentiality clause, which outlines what you can and cannot disclose during and after your employment.
  • Recognize the importance of protecting company information to maintain a competitive edge.
  • Understand social media restrictions and the potential consequences of defaming your employer.

In Conclusion:

While reviewing your job contract, jot down any questions you may have and reach out to HR for clarification. Remember, you have the right to address concerns before signing, and there's no obligation to sign anything you're uncomfortable with. Addressing questions early on can prevent issues down the line, ensuring a clear understanding of your employment terms.