Important Tips When You Sign A Work Contract

Important Tips When You Sign A Work Contract
No matter how eager you are to start your new job, it’s important to carefully read over the contract and consider whether the contract reflects your best interests.

There are a few important points that you need to pay attention to when you sign a work contract, we will mention some of them in this article.

Can the contract of a non-Saudi worker be for an unlimited period?

The employment contract of a non-Saudi worker cannot be for an indefinite period; In the event that the work contract does not stipulate a period, the period of the worker’s license shall be considered as a period of the work contract.

Is the worker's desire to not renew the contract for another period considered a resignation?

Expressing a desire not to renew the contract is not considered a resignation. Rather, it is a right guaranteed to both parties. If the work contract stipulates that notice of unwillingness to renew is required before the end of the contract for a specific period, it must be adhered to; If the party expressing its desire not to renew the specified period of notice to the other party, this other party has the right to adhere to the renewal of the contract.

Are rest times calculated within working hours and how are they distributed?

The periods designated for rest, prayer and food are not included in the actual working hours and are organized during the day so that the worker does not work for more than 5 consecutive hours without a rest period of not less than half an hour at a time during the total working hours; Where the worker does not stay in the workplace for more than twelve hours per day. However, the Minister may specify by a decision from him the cases and jobs in which the worker must continue without a period of rest for technical reasons or operating conditions, with the commitment of the employer in these cases and works to give a period for prayer, food and rest in a manner organized by the management of the facility during work.

What is the maximum overtime hours during the year and how are they calculated?

The maximum overtime working hours during the year is 720 hours, and it may be increased with the consent of the worker. The wage for the additional working hour is calculated with a wage equal to the overtime wage, including allowances, plus 50 of the basic wage. Violation of it leads to several penalties, such as fining the employer with a fine of 10,000 riyals, which is multiplied by the number of workers when the number of working hours is increased.

When is it possible for a fixed-term contract to be terminated before its expiry date?

A fixed-term contract does not expire unless its term expires, or by agreement of the two parties, provided that the worker's consent to termination is in writing. If the contract is to perform a specific work, it ends with the completion of the agreed work unless the contract is terminated in accordance with any of the other cases mentioned in Article 74 of the Labor Law, or the contract is terminated by either party under Articles 80, or 81 of the Law Depending on the circumstances, if the termination is not in accordance with the provisions of any of the articles mentioned above, the termination becomes unlawful, and the injured party has the right to claim compensation for terminating the fixed-term contract before its term expires without a legitimate reason.