How To File A Complaint With The Labor Office?

How To File A Complaint With The Labor Office?
Under certain circumstances, you can file a complaint with the labor office if your employer didn't commit to work contract requirements. 

How can a case be filed with the Labor office?

Through the electronic services portal at the following link:

What types of complaints can an employee submit to an employer?

  • Delayed salaries of 3 months or more.
  • Assignment to different work on the nature of the work agreed upon in the contract signed between the two parties
  • Maltreatment or abuse
  • Lack of employee housing contrary to the one provided for and stipulated in the contract.

What are the documents required to file a complaint?

  • Attach the employment contract, if any, or what proves the existence of a labor relationship
  • Documents required according to the type of dispute
  • The identity of the complainant and his capacity, and in the case of an agent presenting the deed of power of attorney, to include in it the right to review the amicable settlement department, and he has the right to conciliation, release and assignment